Our portfolio of touch modifiers for leather finishing.

Touch modifiers are used in the tanning process to change the physical and tactile properties of leather, improving its quality and appearance.

Choosing the right touch modifiers allows you to achieve a surface that is soft, smooth and pleasant to the touch.


Cab base fixative

Main features

BOMACAB 01 is a CAB that has the extraordinary ability to lighten the finish, making the articles extremely natural.
It can be used in covering mixtures and/or as a final fixative, it gives the leathers uniformity, smooth grain and remarkable transparency.


Glossy fixative

Main features

BOMALAC 030 is a nitroemulsion, dilutable with water, dry and pleasant to the hand, which forms a medium-soft and glossy film.
BOMALAC 030 has good resistance to rubbing and good behaviour to flying, so it is an ideal intermediate fixation or a final fixative with excellent characteristics.
For the application, BOMALACc 030 is diluted with water and sprayed at a rate of 40-60g/sqm.

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