BOMAPELL SURFOLEN DEG – The high-boiling solvent that does not require storage in dedicated areas

The management and storage of solvents is a critical issue for the safety of tanneries, as the danger of not being able to store solvents together lies in the risk of unwanted chemical reactions, which can lead to fires, explosions or toxic gas emissions. This imposes the need to dedicate specific areas  for the storage of each type of solvent. That’s why BOMAPELL, from the BOMATECH research division, enthusiastically presents the SURFOLEN DEG, a solvent with a degreasing action that does not require storage in dedicated areas, thanks to its high-boiling nature, while also managing to maintain the same effectiveness as a common degreasing solvent. 
Originally developed for storage in the marine sector and for cleaning container ships, this product has been adapted to the needs of the tanning sector, especially for the
WET-BLUE and PICKLE tanning.

Key features:

  1. Degreasing action: It dissolves the fats present on the surface of the leathers, which can come from natural residues or previous processes.
  2. High-boiling nature: it can withstand temperatures above 75 degrees and is therefore non-flammable.
  3. It does not require storage in dedicated areas: given its high-boiling nature, it does not require storage in special areas.
  4. Safety: The features listed above make the SURFOLEN DEG a particularly safe product in its use.
  5. Same efficacy: the product maintains 100% maximum concentration, ensuring the same effectiveness as common degreasers.

The SURFOLEN DEG is a ZDHC MRSL level 1 v3.1 certified product. This certification attests to the great commitment that BOMAPELL dedicates to the environmentally sustainable management of chemicals and guarantees that the production cycles comply with international regulations.

How to use:
BOMAPELL SURFOLEN DEG is suitable for the extraction of leather fats, particularly suitable for WET-BLUE and PICKLE tanning.

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