BOMARTAN PF1 Liquid – The revolution in the world of acrylic copolymers

Directly from the BOMATECH research division, we enthusiastically present the BOMARTAN PF1 Liquid, an acrylic copolymer with softening and filling action, ZDHC MRSL level 1 v.3 certified.

Key features:

  1. Softening action: its advanced formulation gives the leathers a softness, improving the overall quality of the finished product.
  2. Filling action: its polymerizing power is particularly suitable for filling the sides of the skin in its emptiest parts.
  3. Compacting action: it acts on the structure of the flower, making it finer and more uniform.

This innovative copolymer offers several benefits, including:

  1. Cost reduction: By replacing product mixes, BOMARTAN PF1 Liquid ensures a significant reduction in the quantity and cost of recipes.
  2. Lighter leathers: the formula helps to reduce the specific weight for lighter and more natural items, allowing the production of more comfortable products.
  3. Brighter and more uniform dyes: BOMARTAN PF1 Liquid has a positive impact on dyes, making them brighter and more uniform, improving the final colour rendering of tanned products.

How to use:

BOMARTAN PF1 Liquid is extremely versatile and can be used at any stage of processing, thanks to its amphoteric nature.

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Request a free test:

If you would like to experience the amazing benefits of BOMARTAN PF1 Liquid, please do not hesitate to request a free test. Transform your tanning production with Bomatech’s innovation!


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