BOMATAN ALW Powder – The tannin revolution for wet white / bisphenol free tanning

White tanning or wet white tanning is an innovative and environmentally friendly process, however, many traditional white tannings contain bisphenols, chemicals that can be harmful to human health and the environment. Hence, the need to find alternatives that use eco-sustainable products.Directly from the BOMATECH research division, we enthusiastically present the BOMATAN ALW Powder, a tannin designed for wet white free-bisphenol/free metal tanning, solid to light with excellent dyeability, ZDHC MRSL liv.1 v.3 certified.Key features:
  1. Tanning action: its advanced formulation gives the leathers an extraordinary fullness, improving the overall quality of the finished product that is increasingly similar to chrome-tanned leathers.
  2. Filling action: this tannin gives the skin an excellent fullness, without compromising softness.

This innovative tannin adds new high standards to wet white tanning without bisphenols and heavy metals, achieving the following results:

  1. Heat resistance up to 75°: Leathers treated with BOMATAN ALW Powder can withstand temperatures up to 75°C, without deforming or losing their properties. The heat resistance up to 75° has been verified by the gelatinization temperature (Tg) test according to the standard (UNI EN ISO 3380).
  2. Lightfastness: BOMATAN ALW Powder highlights its high lightfastness in wet-white leathers.
  3. Brighter and more uniform dyes: This tannin has a positive impact on the dyes, making them brighter and more uniform, improving the final color rendering of the tanned products.
  4. Fullness and softness: BOMATAN ALW Powder during the tanning phase gives the leather an excellent fullness without compromising its softness.
  5. Safety for human health: Bisphenols have been linked to a number of health problems, including cancer, reproductive problems, and developmental disorders. BOMATAN ALW Bisphenol-free powder eliminates this risk, making white tanning safer for tanning workers and consumers.
  6. Sustainability: Bisphenols are persistent chemicals that can contaminate the environment.
    Bisphenol-free white tanning with BOMATAN ALW Powder guarantees more sustainable eco-sustainable processes that reduce environmental impact.
  7. Same quality: BOMATAN ALW Powder gives leathers the same look as traditional chrome-tanned white tanning.

How to use:

BOMATAN ALW Powder is particularly suitable as the main tanning agent for wet-white and metal-free tanning.

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