Première Vision Paris Autumn/Winter 25-26: a confirmation for BOMASTUDIO

From 2 to 4 July, Paris hosted the Autumn/Winter 2025-2026 edition of Première Vision Paris, the international trade fair dedicated to sourcing fabrics and leathers for the fashion industry. This event, where creativity and eco-design meet, highlights innovative materials and new fashion trends.

The Autumn/Winter 25-26 collection developed by the BOMASTUDIO team and which we are presenting to our customers has found full confirmation in the trends that emerged from this edition of Première Vision Paris. Let’s find out together which new trends dominated the Parisian fair.

The new trends, between fashion and eco-desig
The title of the dominant theme of Première Vision Paris’ Autumn/Winter 2025-2026 season is EXTREMES: the collections reflect a tale of two extremes. On the one hand, there is the search for sobriety and discretion; on the other, a marked desire for creative extravagance. This dichotomy oscillates between simplification and radical expression, taking opulence to extremes.

The season focuses on finding the perfect balance between opulent density and malleable lightness. The bags feature soft, supple handles with a bouncy feel thanks to the nubuck grain and robust buffalo and cowhide leathers, softened by velvety matt cosmetic finishes.

Another trend that emerged at PV Paris is the development of leathers for clothing: double-tone patinated effects, iridescent metallic shades and micro-creased and creased patent leather finishes, inspired by make-up techniques. In general, there is a trend towards leathers that offer a silky, soft and fluid hand, similar to the textile behaviour of textiles. An example of this trend are the refined lambskins and calfskins, ideal for clothing, leather goods and high-fashion footwear.

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