Stylistic research and innovation at BOMAPELL: the role of BOMASTUDIO

BOMAPELL has a team highly specialised in stylistic and applied research: BOMASTUDIO. This division not only analyses and studies the latest market trends, but also develops stylistic and creative proposals in line with current trends. Their work takes the form of two annual collections that are always new and authentic.

Trend and stylistic innovation
Through careful stylistic research, the identification of market trends and the study of materials, BOMASTUDIO creates each year the leitmotif of its own trendlines that characterise the upcoming collections. BOMASTUDIO’s dedication to stylistic innovation also manifests itself in our information sessions, where we share the latest technological breakthroughs to help our customers design and develop trend-setting items, ensuring a constant competitive edge.

Applied research
BOMASTUDIO, in synergy with BOMATECH, is actively dedicated to finishing and tanning, improving products with special finishes. This collaboration in the prototyping phase leads to new and original proposals throughout the year, offering innovative solutions that respond to the latest style trends. BOMASTUDIO therefore provides customers with a competitive advantage in the footwear industry, giving them the resources they need to excel.

Our collections
BOMALAB’s collections are distinguished by their unique appearance and concepts that follow the latest trends. The real strength of the collections lies in the combination of the tanning/re-tanning work and the finishing phase, as each product is the result of a precise combination of aesthetics and functionality, guaranteeing unique proposals and innovative designs to our customers.

Anticipate new trends with cutting-edge solutions: discover how innovation and style come together in our collections!

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