Mix of waxes linked with particular reactive polyurethane in aqueous emulsion

Compound of resin binders and fillers

Matt Top Coat

Water emulsion of waxes and specific components

Touch modifier based on amides of fatty acids in emulsion

Touch modifier

Cationic Silicone/Touch Modifier

Softener waxy character weakly cationic

Mix of oils and waxes in water emulsion

Penetrating solvent agent

Emulsion of waxes and oils in water for effects white waxed

Synergized creamy emulsion-based on fine waxes for brushing

Mixture of organic solvents

Prebottoming oily- waxy

Water Emulsion od Synthetic and Natural Waxes

Mix of oils, synthetic and natural waxes in aqueous emulsion

Mixture of oils and waxes in emulsion

Polyurethanes and waxes in water dispersion

Blend of paraffinic waxes in water emulsion

Colourless compound of waxes and topcoat for shoe upper

Mix of Oils and Special Waxes

Mixture of synthetic and natural products

Cationic Prebottom filler

Water dispersion of synthetic waxes

Crosslinking for protein binders


Oil mixture with cationic emulsifiers

Natural oils in aqueous emulsion

Natural oil emulsion for pull up effects

Mixture of Polyurethanes / Semi-gloss Top Coat

Water emulsion of natural waxes

Water emulsion of soft waxes.

Blend of waxes binders and oils

Waxy Filler Fat

Mixture of waxes effects “Burnish”

Mixture of anionic waxes for “Burnish” effect

Non Ionic wax based on waxes and oils

Non-ionic emulsion of oils and synthetic waxes

Water dispersion of selected soft waxes.

Water dispersion of selected soft waxes.

Water emulsion of synthetic waxes

Mixture of waxes in water emulsion

Wax emulsion for Crack / Aged effects

Mixture of selected waxes

Emulsion of cationic carnauba wax

Mixture of Cationic waxes

Mixture of Cationic waxes

Water dispersion of selected soft waxes.

Wax water based emulsion of oils and waxes.