Products Cationic Bomapell

Giving concrete answers to market demands is part of Bomapell’s mission, through its high quality Cationic Touches line.

The Cationic Touches range, is the result of constant research, experience and knowledge that Bomapell lends its service to customers to achieve a specific purpose: to greatly improve the quality of the leather giving naturalness to the finishing.

Many Cationic Touches products will no longer be available on the market and according to the REACH Regulations most of those currently in circulation are not registered.

The development of the high quality Cationic Touches formula of Bomapell has been specifically created to be used in a versatile way and according to the specific needs determined by the leather used.

Cationic products, as it is known, have a greater ability to even out the leather, leaving it soft, natural and velvety to the touch. It has a strong power, and therefore is also recommended for defective leather.