Reimagine the leather cuttings with differently-abled and Bomapell S.r.l

A Four-day lab of socio-creative recycling together with the Cooperative “Il Girasole”, to give new life to the leather scraps of the Bomapell company.

The laboratory originates from an idea of VLCexperience, the company’s marketing consultant, with the aim of creating a moment of social participation, in which creativity and manual skills of young people with disabilities can meet with the company products, specifically with leather scraps, of different finishes and colors, no longer usable by Bomapell co.

The workshop, which began on Monday 27 November and will end on December 5, 2017,  is involving the Cooperative “Il Girasole” girls and boys in a socio-creative recycling activity in which enthusiasm, creativity and handiness are giving life to splendid Christmas gadgets, specifically key rings, completely handmade and fancy. The event is coordinated by the Young Cultural Association Moby Dick, which was responsible of the organization and support during the workshop activities (also supported by the Social Cooperative Cava Felix).

The Bomapell company, with these lab days, is carrying out its social commitment, with the idea that giving is the best way to generate a smile.