The experience gained in the tanning chemical sector has made Bomapell a company appreciated by its customers above all for the high quality standards of its products. Our “brand reputation” is based on the coherence between strategies and operational actions, as well as on the relationship of trust that we build with our partners. «Among our main objectives is to ensure the top of our range, bearing in mind the various needs of our interlocutors – declare the CEO of Bomapell, Mario Vitale – Another winning card was, of course, focusing on “research & development” by providing a chemical laboratory within the company in order to offer increasingly innovative solutions. We work constantly to anticipate new market trends and give quick answers, keeping a direct line with industry designers. This is the “made in Italy” that we want to spread in Italy but also to export abroad. Our scouting activity continues to reach new markets, make ourselves known, communicate our excellence and win new customers. Our perspective is to commit ourselves to become partners of tanneries through a close collaboration with their technical department; to spread our quality, availability, humanity; plant seeds for sustainable development. These are the pillars of the “mission” of Bomapell, a 100% Italian company».