Our portfolio of penetrators for leather finishing.

Bomapell offers several penetrators that can be used for impregnation and base coatings for a wide range of applications.

Our penetrating products act both as universal penetrators (for base coating and impregnation) and as penetration enhancers used with the base coating, sealing coating or impregnation system.


Solvent Dyeing Penetrator

Main features

PM SOLVENT is a universally used penetrating agent with good wetting action. Non-foaming, it has a good wetting and levelling power both on impregnation polymers and in spray dyes. PM SOLVENT is used in proportions ranging from 50 gr/lt to 200 gr/lt depending on the desired effect.



Main features

PM75 SOLVENT is a penetrator for leather finishing.


Tincture penetrator in alcohol solution

Main features

PENETROL TG is a universally used penetrator with good binding power with acrylic polymers in both blends and aniline dyes. The product, which is perfectly soluble in water, has a good relaxing action and does not excessively swell the flower. It can also be used in roofing (in small quantities) thus increasing the uniformity of the colours without affecting the wet resistance.

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