Wet-end leather chemicals

Founded in 1978 in the industrial district of Solofra (AV)

Your business can benefit from our expertise in the field of tanning chemistry.

We work closely with our partners to help develop a better chemical industry. We offer support to tanners through the use of low-impact chemical solutions, which help them meet the growing demand for sustainably produced leathers.

Our expert chemists are able to manage the entire process, from the wet-end phase to the finishing of the leather, ensuring the production of high quality leathers that meet the specific needs of the clothing, fashion, footwear, interior design and many other sectors. In addition, we are committed to improving the environmental impact of the leather industry as a whole by offering sustainable and environmentally friendly solutions. Our experience and expertise allow us to create superior quality leathers, which meet both aesthetic requirements and environmental regulations.

We are tanning chemical professionals with 50 years of experience, ask us for assistance for every need!

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