Oils & Waxes

Our complete range of oils and waxes for leather finishing.

Bomapell oils and waxes add oily, dry, silky or waxy textures to leathers. They also impart additional properties such as crunching or swelling of the wax, to the pull-up skin.

We have premium oils and waxes to produce light or dark pull-up or water-resistant leather.


Emulsifiable natural oil

Main features

BOMAOIL SC is a highly concentrated natural oil, emulsifiable in water, with a moderate pull-up effect. On vegetable tanned leathers, it can be applied both by spray and by roller machine, as it is. Leathers treated with BOMAOIL SC are post-finishable, have a dry hand and a well-lubricated fiber.


Mixture of oil waxes and synthetic waxes

Main features

BOMAFILLER RAM is an amphoteric touch based on waxes and oils that can be used with all anionic and cationic products. BOMAFILLER RAM is particularly soft; It provides a waxy, slippery and gentle feel that remains unchanged even after punching down. BOMAFILLER RAM has an excellent deplating power and an excellent shiny point both after ironing at 90°C and after rolling. It has no film-forming effect, but it can also be used as a primer due to its ability to make absorption uniform and regular, without altering the background color and without weighing down the skin. In addition, it prepares an excellent elastic support for the subsequent layers of coverage. It is especially suitable for base coats in rolled, plate or machine-polished finishes. Its use is recommended for both clothing and footwear.


Compounds of waxes and protein binders

Main features

BOMAFILLER 50 is a special formulation that increases and enhances the leather’s responsiveness to brushing, to obtain the “BURNISH” effect. BOMAFILLER 50 improves the darkening effect and shine. BOMAFILLER 50 can also be conveniently used in various other leather finishing processes whenever a waxy-soft characterization is desired. Perfectly polishable and with a good deplating power.


Aqueous emulsion of synthetic and natural waxes

Main features

BOMAFILLER 167 is an emulsion of synthetic and natural waxes formulated with the intention of obtaining a product whose main characteristic is to have a good reactivity to brushing, developing a good shiny spot. BOMAFILLER 167 is normally used to formulate finishes to be rolled with cloth or in any case finishes that have a good behavior to the brush processes carried out by the shoe factory.


Wax blend for “Burnish” effects

Main features

BOMAFILLER AB 27 is an emulsion of specific waxes for a “burnish” brushed effect. This primer consisting of fine waxes has been synergized to optimize the properties of its components and allow, with a single brushing operation, an excellent closure of the pore of the grain of the leather, such as to develop at the same time a strong reactivity, with a valuable darkening of the color, permanent brilliance and transparency. Leathers treated with BOMAFILLER AB 27 are characterized by an extremely natural look, similar to that of an unfinished crust, but with a very strong reactivity to rubbing, with a very pleasant waxy/slippery touch.

Due to its levelling properties, BOMAFILLER AB 27 is particularly popular as a coloured primer with BOMALUX to give uniformity and fullness of tone to barrel-dyed leather. The exceptional reactivity thus obtained can also be implemented with the use of BOMAFILLER AB 27 in the final dressing.


Anionic wax blend for “Burnish” effects

Main features

BOMAFILLER AB 28 is a blend of slightly opaque anionic waxes that, in addition to offering a powerful “burnish” effect thanks to its excellent reactivity to wet rubbing, can be used as a primer to obtain uniform leathers free from low grains.
BOMAFILLER AB 28 is used colourless, diluted 1:1 with water, on full-grain leathers and can be added with BOMACOLOR pigment (at a rate of 10 gr/lt) to increase the uniformity of the leather, without compromising its reactivity.


Mixture of oils and waxes in emulsion

Main features

BOMAFILLER AN/93 is a mixture of oils and waxes specifically designed for rolling pre-coats. Thanks to its excellent levelling and uniformity characteristics, it can be used on both full-grain and frosted leathers. BOMAFILLER AN/93 gives a waxy hand while making a good naturalness to the skin. BOMAFILLER AN/93 is part of our range of non-ionic products and can therefore be used with cationic and anionic products indifferently.


Emulsion of non-ionic waxes and oils

Main features

BOMAFILLER AN/602 is an extremely versatile product that can be used in the different stages of the finishing process on all skin types. also vegetable-tanned. Its non-ionic character allows it to be used in cationic and anionic finishes. The product, with a pleasantly gloved hand, can be used in bases, pre-primers or as a final touch, leaving the skin with that natural effect so appreciated in quality items. The product is rollable and also works as a deplatant in the bottoms. Recommended for footwear, handbags, clothing and gloves, it is recommended to use it after ironing to obtain a good shine. Another feature, no less important, of BOMAFILLER AN/602 is that after brushing it does not release any whiteness on the skin. Tests on dry and wet resistance have given excellent results, even when mixed in nitroemulsions to an extent of 5-10%. When used as a final touch (dilution 1:3) it leaves a fine and uniform grain.
In base mixtures, it is suggested to use 50% of the weight of the pigment.
Finally, it is very appreciated as a touch on suede to which it gives a pleasant hand and an excellent liveliness of tones.


Non-ionic wax based on waxes and oils

Main features

BOMAFILLER AN 6167 CONC., is a non-ionic wax that has excellent closing characteristics that help to mask skin defects. Due to its chemical peculiarities, the product can be used in coating and base mixtures. The waxy/greasy feel and the soft film make it an extremely good product. This polishable wax can be applied either by spray or by cylinder.


Mixture of waxes in aqueous emulsion

Main features

BOMFILLER BUS is a high melting point wax emulsion that is used for antiqued, burnish and lyzed items. BOMAFILLER BUS is mainly used in finishes for both resin-coated and rolled footwear. It has a transparent film that can be perfectly polished, which allows you to obtain shiny finishes with an excellent soft touch.


Water-based wax emulsion for Crack/Aged effects

Main features

BOMAFILLER CRK is an extremely glossy wax to be used in combination with protein, acrylic and polyurethane binders for final tops. In addition to providing a remarkable brilliance, it gives a silky hand that hides the plastic touch of polymer binders. Used alone or in small quantities in aryl or polyurethane resins on nabuccate leathers or on splits, to obtain crack effects after appropriate dry drumming. The product has an excellent sanding performance.


Cationic wax blend

Main features

BOMAFILLER K25 is a mixture of cationic waxes that gives the skin roundness and an extremely pleasant touch. After ironing, the product gives the skin an excellent shine. The good coverage and the marked softness and elasticity make BOMAFILLER K25 an indispensable product in cationic finishes. The touch is to be defined as silky while the deplating power is average.


Mixture of Cationic Fatty Waxes

Main features

BOMAFILLER KMR is a non-rolling wax that can be used in cationic finishes mixed with resins and polyurethanes to mask leather defects while preserving its naturalness. It has a very greasy feel.


Emulsion of waxes and oils

Main features

BOMAFILLER TW is a mixture of waxes and oils to be used on frosted leathers for footwear. By using this product, a whitish effect is achieved. When removed, it gives the skin an intense darkening effect. BOMAFILLER TW gives the leather an extremely natural and uniform look with a soft, powdery feel. BOMAFILLER TW can be applied either by roller or by spraying diluted 1:2.


Emulsion of waxes and oils in water for waxed white effects

Main features

BOMAFILLER W 270 is a product to be used when you want to obtain “white effects” with strong darkening power to the brush. It has a remarkable grouting power, a high degree of gloss (by rubbing) and a powdery feel. If necessary, it can be added with protein and polymer binders. The BOMAFILLER W 270 can be oversprayed with our BOMALUX aniline series to reduce the white effect. Used on a frosted base and then sanded and drummed, a good whitening effect is obtained between the folds. On full grain, on the other hand, you get a vintage item.


Emulsion of synthetic waxes and esters with low melting point

Main features

BOMAWAX SP/83 is used as a filler and release agent in articles covered on full-grain, frosted and split leathers. BOMAWAX SP/83 has excellent anti-sticking properties under ironing and with trestle leathers. BOMAWAX SP/83 improves the levelling effect of coating mixtures and reduces their plastic feel. Due to its particular softness, it is conveniently used on nappa leather items.


Mixture of oils and waxes in emulsion

Main features

BOMAFILLER P K83 is an amphoteric primer with excellent filling and levelling power. It is normally used on nappa leather for footwear, leather goods and clothing mixed with pigment and binders to be treated with roller or plate. The rolling behavior is excellent, thanks to which very soft and smooth finishes are obtained.


Oil-waxy primer

Main features

BOMAFILLER PF 5837 is a pre-primer with a creamy consistency, soft and oily and easily diluted in water. BOMAFILLER PF 5837 prepares an excellent elastic support for the subsequent layers of coverage, uniforming the surface of the skin and equalizing its absorption. BOMAFILLER PF 5837 increases the covering and filling power of the solutions, succeeding in restoring the appearance of full grain on skins that are touched. BOMAFILLER PF 5837 is mainly used on frosted sheep and goat skins where its qualities are enhanced by mechanical operations such as smoothing or rolling.


Grease Waxy Filler

Main features

BOMAWAX 551 is a natural waxy filler to be used on leathers normally intended for clothing. Used at 70 – 80% of the weight of the pigment, it ensures a natural appearance and a soft and waxy hand, drastically attenuating the resinous touch of the acrylic binders used in the mixtures. BOMAWAX 551, in addition to lubricating the finish, allows you to mask any defects and increase the degree of uniformity. BOMAWAX 551 can be used on all skin types.

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