Our complete range of protein binders for leather finishing.

Anionic and cationic protein binders play a vital role in the tanning process to improve the physical and mechanical properties of the leather.

Choosing the right protein binders allows you to improve the stability and resistance of the leather during the tanning process. Bomapell protein binders provide satin, natural, gloss or classic finishes with various levels of hardness and gloss for different leather applications.



Modified Protein Polyamide Binder

Main features

BOMATOP 5037, is a non-thermoplastic, highly concentrated polyamide binder that forms a film with a good body, medium soft, transparent with good flexibility. BOMATOP 5037 is compatible with all products normally used in finishing and can be coloured with water-soluble anilines or with pre-metallised dye solutions, proving, in this case, to be an excellent film-forming agent. Thanks to its absence of thermoplasticity and its resistance to acetone, it is excellent for reducing the stickiness of resin films, improving their hand. Used in polished finishes, it has excellent adhesion, elasticity, resistance to chalking and good gloss.


Medium Hard Protein Binder

Main features

BOMATOP 9537 is a medium-hard protein binder suitable for polishes for
Finishing touches to the plate and the lissa. BOMATOP 9537, used in resin-based coats, reduces stickiness, increasing resistance to dry and wet rubbing and hot underwire, bringing a high degree of shine to the finish and a dry and pleasant hand. It fears frost. Stir well before use.


Protein Gloss

Main features

BOMATOP EC14, is a protein polish to be used in anionic systems. It has an excellent binding power and a soft and shiny film. Used in both base and cover blends for footwear, it improves the filling and therefore the coverage of leathers without compromising their naturalness. Used as a final polish, it improves the detachment from the plaque ensuring an excellent shine with a smooth and natural hand.


Protein gloss with natural waxes

Main features

BOMATOP UP is a binder that forms a soft, elastic film with good filling, repolishing properties and a pleasantly waxy feel. BOMATOP UP is particularly suitable for formulating solutions of pre-primers to be rolled for good quality full-grain leathers, where it gives good equalization while leaving the natural characteristics of the leather unaltered. BOMATOP UP is also conveniently used in base coats as a waxy component to give naturalness and reduce the plastic touch of the
resinous binders.



Cationic Protein Gloss with touch modifiers

Main features

BOMATOP K 6027 is a perfectly rollable cationic protein polish. Its gentle touch, thanks to the presence of waxy touches in the formulation, but firm suggests it for felt-rolled items in combination with polyurethanes suitable for the purpose.


Protein Gloss

Main features

BOMATOP K95 is a cationic protein polish for use in cation systems. It has an excellent silky feel and is used alone as a primer on full-grain leathers with absorption problems. It is also used as a protein binder in combination with other cationic auxiliaries in the preparation of rollable primers.


Protein Binder

Main features

BOMATOP BC is a protein binder used during finishing.

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