Polyurethane resins


Our portfolio of polyurethane resins for leather finishing.

Our polyurethane resins impart protective properties such as adhesion promotion and good print and flex retention, primarily for sealants and base layers of full-grain leather and corrected grain leather.

Our range of polyurethane resins allows us to meet every production and functional need.


Aliphatic polyurethanes in aqueous dispersion

Main features

BOMAPULL 19 is an aqueous final primer, characterized by a glossy, tenacious and highly scratch-resistant film. BOMAPULL 19 has a slightly slippery hand, allows polished fasteners with excellent dry-wet rubbing and abrasion resistance. It is applied by spraying diluted in water 1:1, after adding 2-3% of


Aqueous dispersion of polyurethane

Main features

BOMAPULL 400 is an aqueous dispersion of a polyurethane of medium coverage but excellent elasticity and softness. It is a polyurethane that is glossy even before ironing, which increases significantly already at 90°C. It is used in base mixtures where smoothness and uniformity are appreciated. Recommended for full proud skins.


Aqueous aqueous emulsion of aliphatic polyurethane

Main features

BOMAPULL 5494 is an aqueous emulsion of aliphatic polyurethane that forms an opaque and waxy film. The product is an opaque fixative for all clothing, furniture and footwear items that gives a natural, slippery-silky feel. Excellent resistance to rubbing (with isocyanate and/or polyaziridine). In addition, this product complies with all new regulations regarding banned substances as it is free of N-methyl-pyrolidone.


Aliphatic polyurethane/water-based paint

Main features

BOMAPULL 5974 is a water-based paint based on aliphatic polyurethane in an aqueous solution, solvent-free, fully compatible in water that gives the leathers a very glossy lacquering, with a varnished-looking look, without requiring final ironing.
The surface film obtained with BOMAPULL 5974 is flexible, pleasantly non-plastic to the touch. BOMAPULL 5974 has good lightfastness (also cross-linked with BOMAFIX 7). To achieve the varnish effect, BOMAPULL 5974 is coated pure with a cylinder machine which, with several consecutive passes, after intermediate drying, leads to the classic caramelized frosted look. The good physical strengths of BOMAPULL 5974 are optimized with the addition of 2% crosslinker. Moreover, once cross-linking has taken place, the film thus obtained is protected from fingerprints during handling. The perfect solubility in water with excellent spreadability on the skin make BOMAPULL 5974 also usable by spray as an additive in final polishes.


Aqueous dispersion of aliphatic polyurethane

Main features

BOMAPULL F45 is a glossy top with high resistance, based on polyurethane in aqueous emulsion. BOMAPULL F45 has a pleasantly dry feel, excellent mechanical resistance and good lightfastness. The particular polyurethane base allows BOMAPULL F45 to form a glossy film, very tenacious, with good flexibility, appropriate as a final fixative. Used alone or as a basic component of polishes, BOMAPULL F45 provides excellent resistance as a requirement for furniture, footwear and leather goods.


Cationic aliphatic polyurethane in aqueous dispersion

Main features

BOMAPULL K 526 is a cationic polyurethane to be used in mixture with cationic protein binders and cationic fillers, in bottoms to be rolled on any type of leather that has problems with low grain damage, as it allows good coverage with uniformity and filling, ensuring a soft hand and excellent hooking for subsequent coats.


Aqueous dispersion of aliphatic polyurethane

Main features

BOMAPULL P9 is a polyurethane suitable as a matt top coat, characterized by a pleasant touch. The product is solvent-free and does not contain silica, so it can be used in all cases where high mechanical resistance is required (dry/wet rubbing). The product can be used either as it is or as a mattifying agent.
BOMAPULL P9 does not re-polish and does not cause “greying” problems.


Matt Polyurethane

Main features

BOMAPULL W13 is an opaque polyurethane with medium coverage and elasticity but with a touch (waxy) superior to normal opaque polyurethanes on the market. It also has a good deplating power. BOMAPULL W13 is used as a fixative, alone or in combination with “BOMALAC” nitroemulsions in water or in dressings to finish in the desired percentage to achieve the desired opaque point. BOMAPULL W13 is also used in cover coats mixed with pigments, caseins, acrylic and polyurethane resins. BOMAPULL W13 gives an excellent degree of matt without greying even in dark colours, a soft and waxy hand, excellent fastness to the
wet rubbing, especially when cross-linked with BOMAFIX 7.



Main features

BOMAPULL 56 is a polyurethane used in finishing.

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