Our complete range of water-repellent products for leather finishing.

Bomapell’s water-repellent finishes help improve the texture and waterproofness of the leather, without compromising on appearance, comfort, and usability.

This makes them ideal for any application and in particular for leathers to be used in the open air.


Water-repellent free from chlorinated in aqueous dispersion

Main features

SOFTAN IDRO 2 is a very fine aqueous dispersion of modified reactive polysiloxanes with excellent waterproof properties. The product can also be applied to suede where it does not negatively modify the feel of the crust. It is recommended to use 5-8% in the various stages of finishing. If used in glossy fixatives it is recommended to pre-dilute the product in water 1:1 and then add it.


Dispersion of polymers and paraffins with fluorinated-free hydrophobic effect

Main features

NURILEN HYDRO PCM is a fluorinated-free water repellency generating agent. NURILEN IDRO PCM is compatible with finishing products, including cross-linking agents and catalysts. The amount of use depends on the water repellency required and varies from 1-2% on finishing substrates and 4-5% in fastening (check compatibility in advance). NURILEN IDRO PCM can also be used in the wet phase to impart an intermediate stage of water repellency.

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