Pigments and anilines


Our portfolio of pigments and anilines for leather finishing.

Bomapell dyes not only make it possible to color leather in any color, they give it high-performance properties such as lightfastness, PVC migration, resistance to thermal yellowing and water drop fastness.

Our portfolio includes different types of pigments and anilines, including metal-free, which produce colors from white to mint, but also fluorescent. 


General Purpose Aqueous Pigment Dispersions

Main features

The BOMACOLOR line consists of pigments dispersed in water for general use in leather finishing. The series, free of casein and phenolic preservatives, offers good performance in terms of fastness to light, heat and migration to PVC.
The dispersions are formulated to ensure ease of use and an excellent quality/price ratio. Due to the variety of pigments, both opaque and semi-transparent, BOMACOLOR pastes are suitable for use in both furniture and leather goods and footwear.


Pearlescent pigments for special effects

Main features

The BOMAPERL line consists of pearlescent pigments that allow you to achieve special effects in the finishing of leathers.

>>> Download the color chart.


Aqueous dispersions of organic/inorganic pigments with cationic charge

Main features

The BOMASOL line consists of aqueous dispersions of organic/inorganic pigments with cationic charge.


Aqueous dispersions of fluorescent pigments

Main features

The FLUO FLASH line consists of water-based pastes based on fluorescent pigments. They are characterized by excellent fastness to migration to PVC as well as to printing. They are stable for storage, can be diluted in water and allow you to obtain vivid and brilliant fashion effects.


Aqueous pigment dispersions for two-tone effects

Main features

The DIAMOND line consists of transparent micro-dispersed pigments in water that offer bright, clean and transparent tones with good fastness to light, heat and PVC. They are characterized by the complete absence of:
– dyes, Pb chromates/molybdates, Cd pigments;
– casein and phenolic preservatives.

APEO free
Compliance with REACH

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