Natural fatliquors

Natural fatliquors

Our complete range of fatliquoring solutions for wet end machining.

Bomapell natural fatliquors are a proven choice for the lubrication of leathers.

In addition to having anti-fog properties, they offer solutions for different levels of softness, helping tanners produce perfect leathers for every intended use.


Combination of lanolin, waxes and appropriate emulsifiers

Main features

BOMALIKER ABN is a fatliquor based essentially on natural substances, recommended for all types of leather for footwear and handbags, whether they are chrome or vegetable tanned. Although its use as a single fatliquor is very often used, it is recommended to combine it with other fatliquors to give the flower a more pleasant touch and greater softness. The suggested quantities vary according to the origin of the leather, the type of tanning and their thickness; Normally, the replacement of 4-6% of the standard fatliquor allows to obtain the characteristics for which it was developed. For vegetable-tanned leathers, the addition to traditional fatliquors increases the resistance of the grain and gives it a better feel.



Main features

BOMALIKER 106 is a grease agent for wet end machining.


Self-emulsifiable ox foot oil

Main features

BOMALIKER E32 has the characteristics of a natural oil, unlike the latter, it is self-emulsifiable and does not require the addition of an emulsifier. BOMALIKER E32 must be emulsified with water at 15-20 C and gives an emulsion that is stable in an acid bath up to pH = 3 even in the presence of electrolytes. BOMALIKER E32 also performs a lubricating action on the grain without affecting the finish. The leather greased with BOMALIKER E32 makes the finishing and mechanical operations such as polishing very uniform and moist, excellent adhesion of the film. BOMALIKER E32 is used in combination with BOMAPELL greasers on goat and buffalo hides, obtaining hides with a full and round hand. In the BOMALIKER E 32 finish, it is used in combination with protein binders from the BOMATOP series, creating an ideal base for plant-based items. The use of BOMALIKER E 32 in addition to wax and/or paraffin allows to increase the “pull up” effect in finishing.

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