Synthetic fatliquors

Synthetic fatliquors

Our complete range of synthetic greasing agents for wet end machining.

Bomapell synthetic fatliquors give excellent softness to leathers. That’s why they’re perfect for producing leathers with tight break and light weight.

Choosing the right fattening products is essential to achieve optimal results and meet the specific needs of each application sector.


Fully synthetic oils that combine softening properties with improved tensile strength

Main features

IKAGRAIN UTQ is generally used on chrome-tanned leathers, to improve their tensile strength. We recommend quantities between 1 and 3% of the meat weight by adding it directly to the tanning bath after the first and before the second addition of Chromium. Such amounts are normally sufficient to improve tensile strength. It is best to dilute with cold water initially and continue with lukewarm water. IKAGRAIN UTQ can also be used in the re-chrome plating phase in quantities ranging from 3 to 5% on the shaved weight. Due to its chemical composition, the addition of amounts between 0.5 and 1.5% can produce a delicate and pleasant touch on the surface of the leather that is well appreciated on suede or nubuck items.

– easily emulsifiable in water
– allows you to produce leathers that have lightness and a pleasant waxy touch
– Improves tensile strength
– Improves grain resistance
– achieves a pleasant writing effect on suede
– Brighter colors and more intense shades
– Recommended for lightweight clothing items


Natural and synthetic sulphur ester derivatives, long-chain glycerides and high molecular weight aliphatic hydrocarbons

Main features

BOMALIKER 1044 is a fatliquor that is stable against acids, salts and most of the electrolytes used in tanneries. BOMALIKER 1044 combines the properties of a natural oil with the characteristics of a synthetic oil. In addition to having a low specific weight, greased leathers have no odor, with a round, soft and elastic touch; The flower is fine and closed. The uniformity of distribution between the fibers is good. Due to its characteristics, BOMALIKER 1044 is mainly used for leathers, furnishings and clothing as a single fattening agent.

Amount to be applied to the shaved weight:
From 2 to 4% in the mixture of fatliquors for leathers, clothing, and to improve cross-section penetration for fatliquors.
1 to 2% as pre-fattening in retanning.
From 8 to 12% for furniture.


Soft synthetic fatliquor

Main features

BOMALIKER D is a fatliquor based on synthetic esters and natural oils made to give softness to the skin, with a low specific weight, characteristics typical of clothing and leather goods. Due to its excellent lightfastness, its use is suggested for light-colored items. It can be mixed with other anionic fatliquors.


Blend of phosphoric and synthetic oils

Main features

BOMALIKER AWS is generally used alone or in combination with other oils to obtain soft leathers such as clothing and nappa leather footwear. Its components give an excellent emulsifying power to the fattening with characteristics of penetration and stability. Great for obtaining superior quality footwear items. By using BOMALIKER AWS you can achieve soft skins with silky feel.
APPLICATION AND CONCENTRATION OF USE: Clothing-2 to 4% in a mixture of fatliquors to improve the distribution of fats in section.


Fattening based on special synthetic esters and sulphite oils

Main features

BOMALIKER 271 is a high-performance synthetic-based fatliquor combined with sulphite natural oils. The product has excellent lightfastness, shows deep and rapid penetration into the skin, and has a strong emulsifying effect on crude oils and any other fatliquors. BOMALIKER 271 can be used for soft nappa leather and split suede. It guarantees a very soft and supple skin with low specific gravity and no whitening effect. BOMALIKER 271 can be used alone as a main fatliquor or in any combination with other fatliquors and softening agents of an anionic or non-ionic nature.


Synthetic Fattening

Main features

BOMALIKER 231 is a formulated synthetic fatliquor that can be applied in a variety of ways.
Due to its fluidity and emulsifiability. BOMALIKER 231 can be added to the bath without prior dilution; It penetrates quickly into depth and improves the emulsion and penetration of other fatliquors. BOMALIKER 231 can be used with anionic and non-ionic products without difficulty. BOMALIKER 231 is especially recommended for high quality nappa leather or velvet in tanning or re-tanning, improving the softness and penetration of tanning agents. The use of BOMALIKER 231 not only gives a soft and supple skin with a low specific gravity, but also allows you to achieve brilliant colors. The emulsion shows poor electrolyte stability.

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