Liquid resins

Liquid resins

Our potfolio of liquid resins for wet end leather processing.

Bomapell offers a complete range of high-performance liquid resins that help achieve excellent fullness, grain hold or filling

Choosing the right retanning products is essential to achieve optimal results and meet the specific needs of each application sector.



Main features

BOMARTAN AC is a universally used retanning agent with strong filling and grain consolidation properties, to which it gives flattening and remarkable finesse. The product, regardless of the pH, has a very versatile retanning action. It is to be considered an amphoteric, but despite its strong resistance to electrolytes, it does not resist baths with high concentrations of chromium. BOMARTAN AC has excellent lightfastness and is suitable for the production of white leathers and pastel colours.

We recommend:
– for nappa leather clothing from 2 to 3%,
– for
calf footwear from 4 to 6%.


Retanning Acrylic Resin

Main features

BOMARTAN A is an acrylic interpolymer salted in colloidal solution that can be perfectly diluted in water with stable solutions over time. The particular chemical constitution allows a clear and decisive precipitation at pH 3.7 / 3.8 without previously floccular. Discreet general solidity combined with a decidedly competitive cost make it a basic product of universal use. BOMARTAN A is a retanning agent with strong filling and softening properties. Excellent dispersing characteristics against fillers and tannins.


Acrylic Retanning

Main features

BOMARTAN CU is a polymer that gives leathers a special filling effect.
BOMARTAN CU has the following characteristics:
– good solubility in water
– gives good softness
– Provides more compact fibres
– Good lightfastness
Normally used in dye baths before or after the addition of the fatliquor in the same bath. If necessary, slight acidification is recommended before the addition of BOMARTAN CU, which helps its distribution and penetration. The amount of use varies from 3 to 6% depending on the origin of the leather, its thickness and the desired fullness and softness.


Liquid Resin

Main features

BOMARTAN GK is a liquid resin for wet end machining.


Liquid Resin

Main features

BOMARTAN 69 is a liquid resin for wet end machining.


Styrole Maleic Resin

Main features

BOMARTAN MS is compatible with both vegetable and synthetic tannins, as well as with all salts commonly used in tanneries. The product is not compatible with chromium, aluminum and zirconium salts. The product must be stored at temperatures not lower than 5°C. BOMARTAN MS gives the leather an excellent feel, improving softness and elasticity without losing strength. The product can be used on sheepskin for clothing, velour, nubuck obtaining full and fine grain skins.


Aminoacrylic Resin

Main features

The properties of BOMARTAN 3 to strengthen skin fibers improve the quality of leathers that have a spongy structure. The good lightfastness and stability at high temperatures give the possibility to use the product on dyed, white or light leather. Thanks to its natural amphoteric nature, it can be used in any phase of retanning, dyeing and fattening. BOMARTAN 3 helps the bath exhaustion of other products such as retanning, fatliquors or dyes.

BOMARTAN 3 can be used on sheepskin, calfskin, velour and nubuck to obtain full hides with a fine grain. Percentages between 1 and 5 % depending on the hides to be processed.


Water-soluble plastic polymer derived from chemically modified Acrylic Acid

Main features

The product BOMARTAN EID is widely used in the retanning of very soft leathers such as those intended for the production of clothing. It is highly recommended in the processing of chrome-tanned sheepskins. The recommended doses depend on the origin of the leather and their thickness; Leathers that by their nature show a good compactness of the fibers (e.g. South Africa) percentages of 3% are sufficient to improve the mellowness, while for leathers with a more open fibrous structure the quantities must be increased even up to 6% on wet shaved weight. We suggest using it after neutralization in a new bath or at the end of the fattening operations in the same bath before the addition of Formic Acid if required. Rotation times of 50 – 60 minutes at temperatures between 40 and 60°C are recommended for maximum absorption.
– Completely soluble in water
– gives the skin fullness, especially in the most spongy parts (hips)
– easily absorbed by the skin to which it gives softness and mellowness
– does not affect the firmness of the flower
– Compared to other acrylic resins, it does not reduce the intensity of the final colour
– Very good lightfastness


Ethylene oxide product

Main features

BOMARTAN EN gives the leather a fine and full grain while ensuring excellent printability. The product is compatible with all ionic products commonly used in tanneries. BOMARTAN EN can be used in the fattening bath due to its filling properties. At the same time, the skin remains extremely soft.

BOMARTAN EN is used in percentages ranging from 2 to 6% depending on the type of skin and its thickness.


Product based on acrylic polymers

Main features

BOMARTAN NR is well used in the retanning of wet blue leathers; You can use either
before and after neutralization or in combination with greasing products. Produces
firm and full leather with excellent fastness to light and ageing. BOMARTAN NR is also very suitable for frosted articles, nubuck and for closing the fibres of articles on shoe splits. To eliminate blowing and to obtain the maximum firmness of the flower, it is recommended to use it together with retanning products.

– For the retanning of leather for clothing and small leathers: 1-3%.
– For the retanning of leathers intended for grain footwear: 3-4%.
– For the retanning of suede splits: 4-5%.
The above percentages refer to the shaved weight.

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