Our complete range of tannins for leather retanning.

The retanning with tannins makes it possible to obtain a fuller leather, without compromising the softness and appearance of the grain.

Choosing the right tannins for retanning is essential to achieve optimal results and meet the specific needs of each application sector.


Synthetic Condensed Substitution Tannin of Aromatic Sulfonic Acids

Main features

The particular composition of BOMATAN N CONC makes it particularly suitable for the retanning of all types of leathers intended for soft articles: nappa leather, clothing, furniture, nappa leather, footwear, etc. The properties that can be obtained by using BOMATAN N CONC Powder in retanning are as follows:
– good softness
– Very fine flower
– good fullness properties
– gives the skin a low specific gravity
– gives clean and bright color tones with good dye distribution
– Very fine flower after fly-in

BOMATAN N CONC Powder can be used in combination with other synthetics or with natural tannins, adding softness to fullness.

The recommended quantities are:
vegetable tanning 5-15%
Clothing 4- 10%
Furnishings 4- 10%
Upper 2- 5%


Synthetic tannin based on synthetic derivatives of aromatic sulfonic acids and neutral organic salts.

Main features

BOMATAN GA powder is specially recommended for a gradual neutralization of wet-blue to achieve homogeneity in the deacidation in section. It is compatible with synthetic and vegetable tannins as well as anionic and auxiliary dyes. The use of BOMATAN GA powder in neutralization has the following advantages:
– Homogeneity of the pH in cross-section of the skin without sagging of the grain.
– Firm and fine flower.
– Increased fullness and softness of the skin.
– Obtaining bright and uniform dyes, favoring their penetration and allowing the tone not to lighten too much.
– Good penetration and distribution of retanning agents and fatliquors.

The following quantities are recommended:
– In neutralization 1-4% calculated on the shaved weight
– As a basifier in chromium tanning 1.5-2.0% BOMATAN GA powder – 0.2-0.3% Sodium Carbonate when a 26% Cr2O3 Chromium salt is used in tanning; By using basified chromates, the amount of BOMATAN GA can be reduced.
– As a dispersing agent in dyeing, 0.5-2.0% of BOMATAN GA Powder can be added to the dye to achieve good penetration and uniformity.


Synthetic tanning agent that is quick to light and resistant to heat, particularly suitable for white leathers when bisphenol-free leathers are required.

Main features

BOMATAN 102 is a low-formaldehyde, phenol-free product, so it is particularly suitable for chromium-free items and with strict requirements for the content of these products. Its degree of whiteness on wet blue leather is very high (L* = 86, b* = 0.58). Used during retanning, it contributes as excellent fastness to light and temperature to heat. Tear strength, tensile strength and other physical parameters are not altered; in fact, they are vastly improved over synthetic tannins of a similar nature. BOMATAN 102 is used for the retanning of wet blue, for white leathers
alone or in mixture with other synthetic agents. Its specific application is in CHROME-FREE items, both for car upholstery leathers and for “ECO” footwear. BOMATAN 102 is used as a retanning agent for white leathers, rates vary depending on the wet-blue and fullness condition you are aiming for. When BOMATAN 102 is used to obtain crust leathers, it can be used together with other synthetic tanning agents, plant extracts and resins, always with an anionic character. The same application must be followed for the production of sheepskins for footwear or clothing, both in crust and dyed. During retanning with plant extracts, BOMATAN 102 should be used in baths at low temperatures (30-35ºC), together with the most suitable extracts from time to time.


Blend of various plant extracts and synthetic tannins with whitening/filling effect.

Main features

The BOMATAN VS used in retanning has a particularly filling and firming effect on the leathers, giving excellent fullness without compromising the softness and appearance of the grain (fine and well compact).
BOMATAN VS is particularly suitable for articles with vegetable retanning, even when the article produced has to be treated in the washing machine or printed. From 2 to 3% in chrome retanning for fullness. From 10 to 15% in vegetalized retanning.



Main features

BOMATAN AB4 is a tannin for leather retanning.


Retanning agent with neutralizing action

Main features

BOMARTAN KS is a retanning agent for chrome-tanned leathers that has a slight neutralizing and dispersing action. It improves the dyeability of leathers without altering their color. It helps grindability, and therefore it is a valuable aid for nubuck and suede.
The product, which can be mixed in water in any proportion, is compatible with all anionic retanning agents and/or fatliquors. It can also be used in combination with mineral tannins. The formaldehyde content is very low. Keep the product away from moisture. Excellent lightfastness.

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